INDIA,the largest democracy of the world,is celebrating her 70th Independence day on August 15,2016.In lieu of being the impregnable country after these 70 years of independence,we are still a developing nation.BUT WHY??

INDIA would have beat the clock to become a developed nation in these 70 years even utilizing a half of its utmost potential but it had not yet.This is the potential of current India. If this is so then think of the INDIA before 1947(consisting of Pakistan and Bangladesh also).The that time India was definitely pick of the bunch and had the potential to become a superpower if would not have been given the deceptive independence.

Britishers raw dealt India for 200 years and were cognizant about the enormous potential of India to become a superpower in a split time after the independence.To overcome this whole new ball game,the Britishers banked on the doctrine of DIVIDE AND RULE,and thus contrived the deceptive independence for the united India based on the religion.


The current statistics of the Indian subcontinent speaks aloud about the potential of the united India that existed before 1947.The combined population of INDIA,PAKISTAN and BANGLADESH accounts for one-fifth of the total world population and even exceeds CHINA.In this case India would have called the tune in human resource sector at the world level which is currently in the domain of CHINA from the dog`s age.The combined annual budget of INPABAN(INDIA,PAK,BANGLADESH) is sufficient to take it at par with the UNITED KINGDOM annual budget and would have even made the united India superior than U.K in terms of military.The allegory of secular and united India would have tarried Pakistan from becoming the heaven for terrorists.This would  have played a vital role in not only bringing peace to the current India but to the whole world also.

It`s and irony that the Britishers farsighted the above potential of the then India but our major leaders could not.There is no doubt that those who fought for our independence were cream of the crop but its also true that few of them doormated infront of the Britishers on this partition issue.our leaders should have learnt from the U.S.A.When 1857 war of Indian independence was getting crushed,the U.S.A was in a whole new ball game.From 1861 to 1865 there was a terrible civil war going out there.Those provinces against slavery agitated war against those supporting slavery and they demanded a whole new nation.BUT the then president ABRAHAM LINCOLN used full force to desist the partition of the UNITED STATES.Terrible violence clawed the U.S.A and many Americans had to bite the dust but no partition took place and now the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA stands as the largest economic and strategic strength of the world.The credit of this goes to that time leader of that free world.


Based on the few threatening incidents;Was it really necessary to pamper the MUSLIM LEAGUE at that time??The violence inside the united India designed by the Muslim league would have stopped in a year or 2 or 3 although taking lakhs of lives but these utmost 3 years would have also annihilated the 70 years of ongoing violence which had engulfed enormous lives,resources and valuable money of the INPABAN. Added to these the devil of the day are the nuclear weapons which may take crores of lives in the fire of revenge. Gandhiji at the time of independence was heard and followed by almost every religion,class and so in sincere efforts with him and some other ways,the politicians turned freedom fighters would have definitely tarried the partition.but that it did not happen.WAS IT THE HUNGER FOR POWER?.

JUMPING TO THE CONCLUSION,once cheated by the Britishers INPABAN should try to eliminate each and every bone of contention without getting influenced by the foreign powers to fight against each other. Following the path of peace and development INPABAN must aim to become a developed nation ASAP and bring back the golden age of the Indian subcontinent